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Record label with a  difference. 

It is not all about Fame and Fortune in our music publishing label and music community and it is not "I can do better than you" or "you can do better than me" we all have our own niche of creativity, it is called working together as a team by collaboration and achieve more.

'Music is all around us you just need to Listen'. We never judge any disabled because they are abled

Its all about giving and helping one another and working together as a Music community and being successful in our goals to success. 

You still need a qualifying status to come in through the label publishing door, but if you are a beginner you can start by going to our Music community and learn the stepping stones to get here.

Why not give that a try for your starting point.

We have professional Studio engineers, Creative coaches, vocal trainers, songwriters, composers, orchestrators, that can help you all through the journey of your Music in the making.

We also have legal assistants, marketing and graphical web designers that work with affordable budgets to suit your needs. 

If you wish to be guided by our professionals from many countries around the world, then write us an email telling us what you would like to do and we will take it from there. 

Why not start creating a website to help you build your fan base, and a place for your fans to keep updated on new releases and dates of your gigs or venues.

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